LIMIC is an duo consisting of the two DJs and producers Christopher Lis and Darius Michalski.

The musicians had their first commercial success in 2017 with the song "U and Me".


Christopher  and Darius met at the TRUST Music Studios in 2006 and have been making music together since then.

At that time both were music producers, songwriters and remixers for various national and international artists.


From 2015 they act as a duo under the name LIMIC.


The first letters of the surnames (LIs and MIChalski) give the name LIMIC.


Their releases such can be found in various international dance charts, on compilations and DJ playlists.


Music is an obsessive passion of LIMIC, always looking for the next best song, or the newest sound.


Always striving to go bigger and louder,LIMIC brings their passion to every set or performance.

They find the perfect harmony of they own sound while giving the people what they want. 


Through the cooperation with artists in Eastern Europe(like "ICH TROJE" or "Crowd Supporters" ) LIMIC are also successful there.